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In this section we provide you with a selection of links that we believe could be helpful in your personal research for a reasonable and rational way of relating to those whom you love. We wish you happiness and success in finding your personal path.

How could we not put a link like “Alternatives to Marriage Project” on the top of our list? They support all forms of adult relationships of mutual consent. They actively work on a wide array of legal issues and education.
From Franklin Veaux's Sprawling Web Empire™ comes the poly website "More Than Two." Lots of thought provoking essays and resources for new and not-so-new to poly folks.
Polyamorous Online is the US and international online news magazine for the growing poly communities everywhere. Here you will find “Polyamory in the News,” Articles, Forums and Columns. Get to know the modern history of polyamory as well as up to the minute news.
Loving More magazine is much more than a great publication. Loving More puts on conferences and retreats around the country. These events attract excellent presenters, leaders on the forefront of expanding poly awareness and the right to live how you want to live. They deserve your support.
Kamala Devi is an author, coach, national speaker, activist, and performance artist who specializes in tantra, sexuality and polyamory.

Kamala and her poly family recently appeared in the Showtime reality show "Polyamory: Married and Dating." Kamala's website is a good resource for those seeking information about relationship issues, tantra, polyamory and more. Do check out her website.
The World Polyamory Association, based out of Maui, Hawaii, holds an annual conference at the fabulous Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California. They also provide counseling, classes and so much more. Check it out.
Poly Camping:

Tent camping with other poly families. Fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, hiking just like other families with fewer adults. We’re so radical sometimes you can hardly tell we’re different.
Vancouver BC Polycamp. Our good friends in the far northwest (or deep south if your Canadian) seem to be focusing on human powered flight. This 9-day camp gives people time to really get to know each other.
Polycamp NW claims to be the largest polyamorous camp in the US. They have a 200-person limit at their current location. Lots of families with kids show up for this 4-day collection of panels, dances, forums, drum circles and (if you can believe this) karaoke.